Pyrolysis: The Way Forward

CREC Engineers spent years down selecting  the various technologies that make up our proprietary design. The core system which many of our solutions revolve around is a technology called pyrolysis. A type of thermolysis, pyrolysis degrades waste materials in an oxygen-starved, non-reactive environment at elevated temperatures to produce a mix of syngas, oils, and solid byproducts. All of this is achieved with little to none of the CO2 and other harmful emissions associated with traditional incineration plants.

Unlike incineration, pyrolysis units can handle a variety of high energy waste materials including plastics, organics, and tires.

The CREC Waste Resource Conversion technology is state of the art and utilizes a variety of time tested technologies in an innovative new process made up of three stages.

Renewable Electricity

Our plants can produce up to 40 Megawatts of renewable carbon neutral electricity with a 90% capacity factor. We divert all organic materials from landfills which is a major contributor to global emissions in the form of methane.

Renewable Natural Gas

Our facilities have the capability to produce D3 renewable natural gas with Renewable Identification Number (RIN) certificates. This gas can be sold locally while the RIN’s can be sourced virtually to entities around the U.S.

Carbon Black

One valuable byproduct that our design produces is N-300 grade carbon black. Carbon black is a key component in tire manufacturing as well as providing coloring and hardening for different types of plastics.

Quality Carbon Ash

CREC facilities produce high quality carbon ash from the breakdown of organic materials in the waste stream. Our ash has many applications including: concrete additive, soil accompaniment, road base, and landfill covering.

Recycled Materials

CREC facilities sort the incoming waste stream to divert metals and certain plastics away from the pyrolysis process. We can become long term suppliers for ferrous and non-ferrous metals, reclaimed tire steel, and #3 plastics.

Reuseable Oil

Plastics and tires are made in part from petroleum. During the pyrolysis process these materials degrade into unrefined crude oil. CREC has the ability to refine this oil and sell it or become a supplier for a local oil refinery.

Reclaimed Heat

One useful byproduct of our electricity production process is waste heat that can be reclaimed for other uses. This heat can be used to generate additional electricity or sold to a manufacturer to be re-purposed in a variety of ways.

Waste Tip Fees

CREC eliminates the need for landfills which typically charge a tip fee in order for trash to be dumped. CREC can charge a discounted fee to take this waste stream, thereby saving money for municipalities and citizens.

Why Choose CREC?

  • We can provide a full solution to your waste management and energy needs.

  • Our scaleable design allows for handling of many different city sizes.

  • Our team of engineers and developers can guide a project through every phase of competition.

  • Standardized plants allow for a faster commercial operation date in your area.

  • CREC facilities employ 125 workers and contribute to the local tax base.

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